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Born in 1988 in Istanbul and kept living in Izmir since 2001, studied Graphic Design in Dokuz Eylul Fine Arts Academy.

I started tattooing by tattooing myself in 2007  and get to worked in my first shop on 2011 in Austria, followed up with guest-spots in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Hungary.

I work by myself in a private tattoo studio. I find it much more quiet and intimate and it helps me concentrate. It also enhances the relationship and experience I want to have with a customer. 

My tattooing style based on clean lines and smooth shading combined with strong pigment structure that lasts longer.

I mostly doing black and grey tattooing combining with solid colors, as well as doing dotwork, hyper-realism, and neo-traditional styles.

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"İWhy people getting tattoos?"
An old video of me about "why people getting tattoos for thousands of years" shoot for one of the biggest turkish websites, Onedio.↑

Krüw Art Collective

Kruw is an Art Collective that brings top  Turkish Artists together for making screenprinting exhibitions.
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