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1st day

  • Caring for your tattoo is as important as getting it. If you can not meet the hygienic terms or do not mind your tattoo,
    results could be fading or even worse.
    Please do care for your tattoo as you did care picking your artist.

  • When you get home, take the plastic wrap out (in the first 3 hours) If you had second skin on, then skip first two days, take it off on the third day and keep on caring it with cream till 5 weeks.

  • Wash it with drinking water if you feel its necessary.

  • Put small amounts of cream(aquaphor etc.) on your tattoo and spread it till you make a very thin layer, let your tattoo open to air.

  • Before you take showers make sure you put enough amount of vaseline over your tattoo only if you need to, vaseline is not the best thing for your skin and can plug the skin cells, so better to not take shower for first two days and than it is okay to take.

  • After the shower wipe the vaseline off with a paper towel(from bottom to top) and put your cream on.

  • Before you sleep make sure your sheets are clean. i recommend to put plastic wrap over for the first night only, but if you can sleep without plastic wrap, that is better.

  • If you are going to work the day after, make sure you take the necessary after care components(cream and plastic wrap) with you. If you have to cover your tattoo while working, you need to refresh it every 3 hours from the plastic wrapping.

2nd day

  • If you had the plastic wrap on all night, you might see the black liquid all over your tattoo under the plastic.

  • Wash it and rub it with clean hands to make sure its clean.

  • Spread very thin layer of cream on your tattoo and wrap it with plastic foil if you need to cover your tattoo (if you go to work for example)

  • If you are free the day after tattoo session, i would recommend to have it open and apply the cream 3-4 times a day.

  • NOTE: if you let the plastic wrap on for more than 4 hours it may cause the iritation and redness due to lack of oxygen.

First Week Overall

  • Use the tattoo ointment you have

  • Do not let it dry

  • Do not take shower in first two days. (if you have second skin on, you can)

  • Only first day and second, use plastic foil to cover your tattoo if necessary(exception for second skin)

  • End of first week you will be able to see peeling skin over your tattoo, Do not peel or scratch(if needed, put wrap around it

  • After first week peeling will be started and could continue till 2nd week.

After First Week

  • Switch to any sort of moisturizer like coconut oil or else

  • You going to use it for 3 more weeks

  • This cream get absorbed by skin more fast in this period so you need to put cream on 4-5 times a day

  • Don’t let it dry often

  • Glassy layer over the tattoo should get more matt in at least 4 weeks which is the natural look

  • Do not go under the sun in first week.

  • After first week you should use 50+ factor sunscreen over your tattoo (summer season)

  • Would recommend any 50+ sunscreen 

  • Ocean or pool is not so well for your tattoo in first 10 days

  • Doing gym is not recommended in first week unless you do not sweat over your tattoo

a healed tattoo done by me

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