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  • Yazarın fotoğrafıCan Gurgul


Güncelleme tarihi: 16 Mar

Can Gurgul excels in Fine Line, micro realism tattoos, and single needle tattoos and, offering skilled artistry and solid craft. Explore unique designs and exceptional ink experiences
Micro Realism Tattoo done by Can Gurgul

Micro realism tattoos are a unique style of body art known for their intricate detail and lifelike imagery, often rendered on a small scale no larger than an inch. These tattoos are celebrated for their ability to capture complex scenes or portraits with remarkable precision and realism.

Crafting sturdy micro realism tattoos that stand the test of time requires skill and expertise. I utilize advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure that every line and detail remains crisp and clear, even as the years go by. By using top-of-the-line equipment and premium ink brands, I'm able to create tattoos that maintain their vibrancy and integrity over time.

Precision is key when it comes to micro realism tattoos. I take great care to ensure that every element of the design is executed with meticulous accuracy, from the smallest details to the overall composition. By working with precision and attention to detail, I can guarantee that your tattoo will look just as stunning years down the line as it did on the day it was inked.

You can find me practicing my craft at INKED NYC, the headquarters of the world-famous Inked Magazine. It's here that I have the privilege of creating micro realism tattoos for clients from all walks of life, in a setting that embodies creativity, innovation, and excellence in tattoo artistry.


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