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  In my second year of college, I wanted to have a tattoo but I thought that it could only be me who drew the design that I have in my mind. Then came the confidence that I could do the tattoo myself, too. And I did it. At the end of that year I had more than 10 tattoos on me and I started to tattoo on my friends as well. I felt the same energy and joy of my father's when he was starting a new painting. Yet, I found my true passion by holding a needle machine instead of a brush. Not just to add stories to the walls, but to reflect stories by and on people anywhere, everywhere.    With a sudden decision, I booked a ticket to Europe and decided to tour and pursue the best artists in action to improve my skills and creativity. I've visited several tattoo shops and attended international tattoo conventions to gain experience. In time, my developing technique, attention to details and precise craftsmanship engaged the lead of the field tattoo artists. My passion for tattoos, hard work and many visits to national and international tattoo conventions as well as continuous learning and improving let me gain a lot of experience.  In 2009 I opened my own studio in Izmır, and I was eager to learn and improve my techniques in each and every piece that I've done.

Growing up in a household, where raised by a painter father, has channeled my interest in art in many forms since my childhood.Following his sudden death  when ı was a teenager, I won the special talent exam and was granted a scholarship from one of Turkey's best art schools, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul. But I could not leave my mother alone to leave for another city and enrolled in my second choice, Dokuz Eylul University, Graphic Design program.

Can Gurgul

Can Gürgül

  And my customers' attention to my works started to increase as well as their diversity, in short notice. As they showed interest in my works, my desire to be more successful and to have a unique technique increased. Today after  many years, I'm appreciative of the demand I'm receiving from my clients (even travelled from different cities of Turkey and abroad) for my work by leaving their body in my hands to carry the tattoos for the rest of their lives that I've designed uniquely for them and their personal stories. The outstanding technique in hyper realism that I've developed in years by mastering the combination of different styles, and the opportunity of working with local and international artists in years, still motivates me to have no equal, everyday I start off a new design.

  My proudest accomplishment in my career so far, is to work on scared areas caused by certain traumas like burn, knife wounds and mastectomy, removal of nipples from cancer patients, with my developed realistic techniques. At the end of the session, the feeling of helping people who have experienced such traumas and to see them starting their new lives  with self- confidence is indescribable. I want to advance my career in this sphere in the future to do good with my art and enhance skills in details.


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