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Can, a self-taught professional tattoo artist, has been honing his craft since 2007. His artistic journey has taken him across Europe, where he has graced various prestigious tattoo studios since 2012. Now firmly rooted in the United States, Can embarked on his tattooing odyssey with a personal tattoo, marking his initiation into the world of ink.

As a practitioner of the tattoo arts, Can is drawn to diverse styles, including the intricacies of black and gray, fineline, micro-realism, dot-work, and hyper-realism. He has tirelessly dedicated over 17 years to perfecting his technique, driven by an unwavering commitment to achieving museum-quality artistry with every piece.

One of Can's remarkable specialties is whip shading, a technique that not only imbues tattoos with a distinctive texture but also facilitates seamless cover-ups and scar concealment. His dedication to the art form extends to a philosophy rooted in creating masterpieces each time he wields his tattooing instruments.


Today, Can proudly lends his talents with the support of world-famous Hustle Butter Deluxe brand at one of New York's most renowned and opulent tattoo establishments, the esteemed INKED NYC, located in the heart of Manhattan and serving as the headquarters of the INKED MAG.


+1 (212) 390-5579
150 West 22nd St, New York, NY 10011





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